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Oct 2
Oct 2
Oct 1


I went to a closing smoke shop to buy a small acrylic bong to use outdoors in the summer. It was 50% off of all pipes. I walked in and the guy immediately tried to sell me bath salts…ugh. No. I asked for a small acrylic bong. He said “this is all we’ve got”. I offered him $20 and he took it lol. It almost didn’t fit in the girls car I was with.

I got pretty high and decided it was named 5 Foot Johnny. I applied the decoration myself so I could say “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERES JOHNNY”. Sunglasses added to make it less scary when I’m really high.

I can milk it up and clear it, one toke from this fucker will end your night haha. :P

Childhood dream came true for $20.


Sep 4